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Bordo Bello

Bordo Bello was an annual skateboard art show hosted by AIGA Colorado, which worked with artists to create a collaborative exhibition of skateboard decks in celebration of the colorful Colorado lifestyle.

By the Numbers


I was Bordo Bello’s director from 2009-2013. Each year, we worked with a different local artist to create the look and feel of the event. My role included art directing and overseeing the design and implementation of all the various elements, as well as managing the event as a whole. This included identity, website design, social media page design, poster, banners, auction tickets, photo booth design, event experience development and more. 

My leadership role also included overseeing the committees that reached out to participating artists, sponsors and volunteers. I developed the strategy behind the outreach for each area, ensuring they were targeted appropriately to maximize involvement and benefit.

Over the course of five years and six Bordo Bellos, this event grew from 50 local artists to 400 (including a large number of national artists); from no partners to over 40; from raising $3000 in its first year, to over $20,000 for two consecutive years. In total, Bordo Bello hosted over 1,000 artists and raised over $55,000 for AIGA Colorado's mentorship programs. 

I was honored to present the program as the lead inspiration story at the 2012 AIGA Leadership Conference and was invited to host the 6th Bordo Bello Event at the National Design Center in NYC. The event was featured on as well as Transworld Business.

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